#KillAllZombies Update on PS4 Adds Local Co-Op, Defend the Vault Game Mode

#KillAllZombies, the twin-stick zombie shooter from Beatshapers, received a new update on PlayStation 4 today, adding local co-op and Defend the Vault game modes, new perks, new chat commands, and Share Play support.

Based on the premise of survival mode, local co-op is adapted for two players, with each allowed to choose their own weapon. You’ll also find dedicated co-op perks as you level up.

In Defend the Vault, your goal is to protect the vault’s flag from hordes of zombies, who are focused only on the vault. Each zombie kill earns you money, which you can then spend on defenses such as turrets.

Have you played #KillAllZombies? What do you think of it?