Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Players Have Killed a Ridiculous Amount of Uruks, Other Stats Revealed

A whole lot of uruks have been slain in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor since the game came out, and here is a big chart to prove it.

The chart , which was released onto the game’s official Facebook page, claims that a total of 5.65 billion uruks have been killed by Shadow of Mordor players, while a whopping 1.3 billion uruks have actually been killed by other orcs in the game. Together, that number is just around 7 billion, meaning the total number of uruks killed is almost as high as the total population of people living on the planet.

Shadow of Mordor Stats

Various other stats, such as how many warchiefs have been killed by players (23.1 million) and how many times players have died in total (72 million) can also be seen. Did any of the Shadow of Mordor stats stand out to you at all?

[Source: Shadow of Mordor (Facebook)]