Retailers Raise Select PS4 Game Prices in Canada to $74.99

As the Canadian dollar continues to struggle, numerous Canadian retailers have raised the prices of their PlayStation 4 games to $74.99, which is actually comparable to what the exchange rate dictates ($59.99 USD = $74.92 CAD today).

Here’s a look at some of the upcoming games that retailers have upped the price on:

To keep track of the prices for any PS4 games you may be interested in, head over to the retailer pre-order sections: EB Games, Future Shop, Best Buy, Amazon.

Toukiden Kiwami and Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy for PlayStation Vita have also seen their prices raised to $49.99.

So far, PlayStation Store prices have yet to go above $69.99 on upcoming titles.

What do you think of the price changes? Have you been buying less games at launch lately?

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