Nielsen Survey: “Better Resolution” is the #1 Reason People Bought a PS4

While they didn’t say exactly how many people were polled – just that they asked console owners over 13 –  a new US survey from consumer report company Nielsen reveals that the #1 factor for people buying a PlayStation 4 was the improved resolution over Xbox One and Wii U.

Other factors for consumers buying the PS4 include the blu-ray player, game library, faster processing power, and “what family wants.”

The Xbox One’s top factor, meanwhile, is brand, followed by innovative features. As for Wii U, fun factor is tops, while “better for kids” is in second.

Nielsen also asked eight generation console owners their habits in the previous generation. As it turns out, nine in 10 have previously owned a seventh gen console:


Looking at the the PS4, 72% of owners purchased a Wii in the last generation, which is above the 66% who owned a PS3 and the 59% who owned an Xbox 360.

Why did you buy your PS4?

[Source: Nielsen via Eurogamer]