Batman: Arkham Knight Villains Discussed in Reddit AMA With Rocksteady

After that mysterious code found the other day, it is nice to get some straightforward facts about Batman: Arkham Knight instead of having to solve several puzzles, making a recent Reddit AMA with Rocksteady Studios Marketing Manager Gaz Deaves seem just right.

During the AMA, Deaves was asked a number of questions, including some concerning the actual creation of the upcoming action game. In particular, Deaves mentioned some of the changes to Harley Quinn that we will be seeing when Arkham Knight finally releases.

Interesting that you say Harley didn’t change much, particularly since she’s been on an amazing journey since Arkham Asylum! In the first game she was a crazy nurse, in our second Batman game the art team gave her a tough, biker chick look to reflect the life she was living in Arkham City, then in “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” she had that Gothic mourning lolita thing going on.

Now in Arkham Knight, we find her leading her own gang and pursuing her own objectives, and her choice of costume reflects how the events of the previous games have shaped her as a character. I think it’s important from a narrative standpoint to show how the characters are evolving and changing as a result of the choices they make, and the way they look is a great insight into their emotional state

Deaves also discusses Scarecrow, who is set to be the main villain in Arkham Knight. Responding to a question as to why the bad guy will be playing such a big role in the upcoming game, he explained that Scarecrow had been planned to be in the game for quite a while.

Scarecrow is easily my personal favourite Batman villain – he’s an expert in the use of fear, just like Batman, and he thrives in situations where his opponents are second-guessing themselves. In terms of both gameplay and narrative, that makes him incredibly interesting because players never know what to expect or what to believe. We left him out of Arkham City with the intention of bringing him back as the main villain in Batman: Arkham Knight, and I’m thrilled to see him as the Big Bad this time around.

Continuing to talk about the villains in Arkham Knight, Deaves mentioning that the Riddler “has an awesome storyline.”

Riddler has an awesome storyline this time around. His desire to defeat Batman on an intellectual playing field means their conflicts are ALWAYS personal, and the dialogue team have been having a great time writing for him. Don’t want to spoil too much about his role!

To read to entire Reddit AMA, check out the page here. What do you think about all this info on the Batman: Arkham Knight villains? Be sure to check out the game’s most recent trailer, which gives us a glimpse as to what those bad guys will look like.

[Source: Reddit via Game Center Online]