Dishonored is an April 2015 PlayStation Plus Free Game (Update)

March 6, 2015Written by Jason Dunning


Update 2 (March 31):

The April 2015 PlayStation Plus free games line-ups in North America and Europe have been announced.


Barring any changes or delays, expect the April 2015 PlayStation Plus free games to be announced next week, likely on Thursday, April 2. Then, all the free games should go live on Tuesday, April 7 in North America and Wednesday, April 8 in Europe.

When everything is announced, we’ll let you know.

Original Story:

When PlayStation Europe posted the PlayStation Plus free games for March 2015 earlier this week, their URL included Dishonored, despite the game not being included. Since the PS+ announcement for this month was delayed by a few days, people speculated that Dishonored was supposed to be a freebie, but was switched at the last minute.

To clear up any confusion, the PlayStation Europe Twitter account confirmed today that Dishonored will be one of the PlayStation 3 games free on PlayStation Plus in April 2015:

Since the PS+ free games have been the exact same between North America and Europe recently, expect Dishonored to be free in North America as well next month.

If you haven’t downloaded them yet, here’s the free games for March 2015 in North America and Europe.

What do you think about Dishonored going free in April?

[Source: PlayStation Europe (Twitter)]