HBO Go Blocked on PS4 for Comcast Customers

March 7, 2015Written by Zarmena Khan

Game of Thrones

Comcast has blocked HBO Go on the PlayStation 4, just like the PlayStation 3 version of the app. The service was only recently announced, and people were wondering whether the PS4 version would meet the same fate as the PS3 version or not. We can now confirm that this is unfortunately the case. 

We don’t know when the issue will be resolved, and if it will at all, but Comcast recently said on its forums that it’s all down to “business decisions.” The company said:

“HBO Go availability on PS3 (and some other devices) are business decisions and deal with business terms that have not yet been agreed to between the parties. Thanks for your continued patience.”

As expected, people weren’t too happy with the response. 

Are our readers bothered by this at all?

[Source: GameSpot]