Tim Schafer Says the World of Psychonauts Would be Easier to Revisit Than His Other Games


Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions has said that the world of Psychonauts would be relatively easier to revisit than some of his other games including Grim Fandango.

During an interview with Destructoid following the BAFTA Games Awards 2015, Schafer was asked which one of his series meant the most to him and which one he would like to revisit. He responded by saying that there’s plenty that can be done with Psychonauts.

The world of Psychonauts is so interesting because you can just keep creating more brains every time you meet somebody and wonder what the world inside their brain looks like. It also feels like the kind of unfinished story of Eddie Briggs [Brutal Legend] would be a great excuse to work with Jack [Black] again.

Schafer went on to imply that Grim Fandango is done with, but that Brutal Legend may have a chance.

It’s hard because of how Grim ended. It was a really rich and full world but I feel like that character had such a complete progression that I feel like he’s done with. I don’t know if I want to go back down that road with someone who isn’t Manny.

All the other ones, a lot of them at least like Psychonauts you can just imagine. For Brutal Legend it’s kind of already designed because we had to throw away half that game to get it done two years late. It’s a lot easier to imagine going forward with that or Psychonauts.

Grim Fandango is a great game, but Schafer has a point. As far as Psychonauts is concerned, we’ve been dropped several hints in the past that the game might get a sequel, but nothing concrete. 

Do any of our readers want a Psychonauts 2?

[Source: Destructoid]