2 New Hyperdimension Games Coming to Vita

It seems like there’s a fairly constant stream of Hyperdimension games coming out. Every time I look around, one has either been announced or released. Adding to the feeling, developer Compile Heart has revealed both Sega Hard Girls and Extreme Dimension Tag Blanc + Neptune VS Zombie Army, because titles don’t have to make sense.

No images are out yet, but I’ve got these two logos from Dengeki:


This isn’t much, but here’s an off-screen cam shot of the announcement via Gamestalk:

Neither game has a release date, but I expect 2015 releases, because, of course.

I’m hoping the “Sega Hard Girls” includes proper Valkyria representation. Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax was hurting with only Selvaria playable. Unfortunately, my hopes aren’t high, because the series casts old Sega consoles are goddesses (the “hard” coming from “hardware”). Still, a nice Alicia-based character would be so lovely…somehow. I think I just realized she might be mai waifu. I need a break from games.