Bandai Namco Celebrates Tales’ 20th Anniversary, Teases Some Special Surprises

March 27, 2015Written by Mark Labbe

It’s the 20th anniversary of Bandai Namco’s Tales of series, and it looks like the company has a few surprises in store.

While it Tales of Zestiria is already out in Japan and scored a pretty nice score when we reviewed the Japanese version, according to the above trailer and a news release, it looks like the RPG will be heading to North America and Europe later this year. The exact release date of the game has not been released, but it will be coming out sometime in 2015.

And if that wasn’t enough, Bandai Namco mentioned at the bottom of its new release that “An anniversary won’t be complete without massive surprises… Stay tuned for amazing news over the upcoming months!” It is not clear as to what this means, but hopefully some good news will be coming our way in the next few months. 

[Source: Bandai Namco via Gematsu]