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PlayStation TV Gets an Official Price Cut in the UK

Following several unofficial price drops in the UK and beyond, Sony has decided to officially cut the price of PlayStation TV by almost half in the UK. The device is now £44.99, down from the £84.99 price tag that it came with in November last year. Sony said in a statement:

Starting from the 27th March, PS TV will offer even greater value for money when it becomes available for only £44.99.

Now with an even more accessible price, you can benefit from the advanced features and technology that PS TV brings to your home entertainment experience.

By bringing new innovation into the home, you can have the freedom to play whenever and in whichever room you wish. PS TV has never been more accessible, and there has truly never been a better time to expand your PlayStation experience.

That’s a drastic price cut, and in a short span of time, but it remains to be seen whether this move will translate into sales or not. In our own review, we had several reservations about the device, but thought that it was a great “supplemental piece for homes looking to expand the reach of their PS4s.”

Are any of our readers planning to buy a PlayStation TV at this point?

[Source: Eurogamer]