Batman: Arkham Knight Has as Much “Rich, Handcrafted Gameplay Content” as City & Asylum Combined, Says Director

Taking to his newly created Twitter account, Batman: Arkham Knight Game Director and Rocksteady Co-Founder Sefton Hill talked about the size of the game.

Before getting to the all important answer, he discussed what’s more important than the size:

  1. Quality: Everything in the game is handcrafted by the incredibly talented team @RocksteadyGames. If it’s not good enough it doesn’t go in.
  2. Variety: This game is about everything it means to #BeTheBatman. That means new gameplay and more variety than ever before.
  3. Authenticity: We have a singular vision, you could say obsession really, to create the ultimate Batman experience.

After adding that “we’ve been working on this (and nothing else) for over 3 years,” Hill finally answered the question of size, comparing it to Rocksteady’s previous Batman titles:

You’ll be able to see how much gameplay Arkham Knight offers when it launches on June 23 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Sefton Hill (Twitter)]