Metal Slug 3 Review – The Classic Returns (PS4)

Metal Slug 3 is not a new game. Metal Slug 3 is not a long game by any means. Metal Slug 3 is a really difficult game, and it’s finally rocketed its way onto the PlayStation 4.

Lucky for us though, the price of entry is only paid once — that is, you won’t be pumping money into the former arcade game beyond the initial purchase, which is a good thing because dying is a common occurrence. I’ll admit I’m not the best at classic side-scrolling action games, but despite the challenge Metal Slug 3 is still fun.

It’s Cross-Buy Too

The game original saw its release on the Neo Geo arcade platform in 2000, with ports to other platforms in the following year. Now, over a decade later, the company has decided to give PlayStation fans a chance to play across all three current Sony platforms at the cross-buy price of $15. The price is honestly a bit steep for what you get, but this “new” release does come loaded with a few extras, including online play.

Metal Slug 3 starts out simple enough — you’re thrown right into a character select screen where you can play as a variety of different  people, each with their own specialties and weapon types. Your objective is to take your character across enemy-filled landscapes peppered with threats as your tasked to save prisoners, you yourself in control of an impressive array of weapons from pistols to machine guns.

Looks are Deceiving

Metal Slug is also a series well-known for its emphasis on vehicles, and there’s definitely no shortage of it here. As you progress through each level, you can pick up a variety of stuff including a tank of the game’s own name-sake. Metal Slug 3 also offers a bunch of other add-ons including transformations that wouldn’t be out of place in a wacky horror film.

For all its simplicity, however, Metal Slug 3 is really tough. That’s not a bad thing, mind, but it’s definitely heightened should you choose to play the game by yourself. Luckily the PlayStation version boasts both local and network co-op mode, which allows players to play alongside friends for a little extra help. Online mode isn’t perfect by any means though — there is a bit of latency, and once things get crazy on screen it’s especially noticeable in some of the bigger fights. It’s a welcome addition nonetheless.

It’s a Faithful Port With a Couple of Extras


PlayStation fans can also unlock a handful of trophies here, although most of them revolve around clearing through stages without deaths and on certain difficulty levels. They’re not the easiest to get but they do offer a bit of replay value for those looking for a further challenge.

The rest of the game though is fairly close to the original Metal Slug 3 that came out all those years ago. Sprites and artwork remain unchanged, with widescreen accessibility factored in by the addition of a fancy background on either side of the screen. It’s a faithful port that fans new and old alike should have no problem getting in to. 

Despite its status as a port, Metal Slug 3 is still really fun. It proves that even older games can have a chance to shine in the modern age even with few updates. The asking price is a bit steep, all things considered, but the addition of cross-play makes this title a little easier to swallow for those who like that sort of accessibility.

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7.0Bronze Trohpy
  • Faithful port of the original
  • Addition of online play
  • Fun co-op action
  • Challenging, but in a good way
  • Not enough new to justify the price
  • Slow down still persists
  • Online mode can be laggy
  • Replay value is a bit low