HexaDrive Also Helping Develop Final Fantasy XV

HexaDrive, the company behind Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Okami HD, is also working on Final Fantasy XV with Square Enix.

According to Director  Hajime Tabata during an interview with Famitsu, HexaDrive has been working on FFXV before it was even integrated with the Luminous Engine, which happened in 2013.  It seems that HexaDrive has been providing technical support for the upcoming RPG, helping out Square Enix at different points of development.

Tabata also mentioned that HexaDrive accompanied Square Enix on a trip to Chiba Prefecture to scout of some caves. These caves later become the basis of the dungeons found in the playable FFXV demo.

What do you think of HexaDrive’s involvement? Are you a fan of their work?

[Edit Note by Heath: Of course, this is the primary the reason for Type-0 being on current consoles instead of handhelds. Never doubt.]

[Source: Famitsu via Gematsu]