Learn More About Aaru’s Awakening, One of the April 2015 PlayStation Plus Free Games on PS4 & PS3

Originally scheduled to launch in Summer 2014, the cross-buy enabled Aaru’s Awakening from Lumenox Games comes to the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 this week, with PlayStation Plus members in North America and Europe able to get it free at launch. For non-PS+ members, it will cost $14.99 on its own.

A fast-paced platformer where everything on screen is hand-drawn, Aaru’s Awakening relies on the protagonist’s abilities to teleport and charge. To finish levels, you’ll have to solve puzzles that require those abilities and split-second decision making.

Marketing Director Johann Ingi Gudjonsson talked a bit about the delay:

The plan was to release the game last summer but first we had to learn about the hefty work of post-production in video games. The hard way. Since this is the debut game for us at Lumenox Games, it has been a learning experience. The game started out as a school project for three of the founding members of Lumenox Games but took off when it won a game creation competition, IGI Gamecreator.

Taking the criticism, the developers have updated Aaru’s Awakening. This includes assigning the jump button to L1 (previously it was up on the left analog stick), assigning the charging direction to the movement direction of Aaru (opposed to the direction of where you are aiming your teleportation mechanic), and tweaking the puzzles and boss levels to ensure the difficulty left players feeling satisfied.

Will you be downloading Aaru’s Awakening this week?

[Source: PS Blog]