Project CARS Creative Director Says Multiplayer Has Been Working for “Over Two Years”

Project CARS has been delayed a few times now, but according to Slightly Mad Studio’s Creative Director Andy Tudor, this will help ensure stable multiplayer gameplay.

In an interview with RedBull, Tudor was asked how the extra months of development would help players. Tudor responded by saying it would help “online stability, additional hardware support, user interface flow and tiny ‘technical requirements’ from the console manufacturers.”

He continued by explaining that the multiplayer has been working for “over two years now,” and is expected to be stable when Project CARS releases in May. Hopefully, this means it will have a smooth launch and will not suffer from any of the same connection problems that DriveClub had to deal with.

We’ve fine-tuned the feature set and flow around how different sets of players like to play, whether that’s against strangers around the world, casual friends, or organised groups. So, although you can never be 100 percent certain until launch day, there’s historical confidence that we’ve been in a good position for a while now.

Previously, Tudor had mentioned in an interview with IBTimes UK that Project CARS would benefit from being delayed, but it is nice to see exactly what those benefits are.

[Source: RedBull]