Creative Director on Project CARS Delay: Gamers “Deserve a Game That is Really Good”

To get you prepped for the release of Project CARS on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, developer Slightly Mad Studios have brought out a new video for the game, going in-depth with the Pit Box.

Of course, the big news this week about Project CARS is the delay to mid-May 2015, which was done to give the team more time to fix some of the small issues and tricky bugs discovered in the game.

Interviewed by IBTimes UK this week, Creative Director Andy Tudor explained why they’ve held the game back an extra month:

We want to talk about it. The game here is the full game… the game’s finished, but there are tiny little things that are still to be done, which we’ve seen other games shipping with. They get pulled up in reviews and they make the team sad and let people down who have bought it and think it’s a finished product, but actually there are things wrong with it.

Project CARS is our own game, it’s not someone else’s IP, and we’ve been working on it for like three years now, so the team want something that goes on the shelf that they’re really proud of. The gamers that have been playing it for a whole time now, and who are waiting for it, they deserve a game that is really good.

Tudor also brought up the delay to Batman: Arkham Knight from 2014 to June 2015, saying he was happy Rocksteady made that decision. “[If they delay the game to fix small issues and polish the game] then I’d be happier,” he added, “they’d be happier, the review scores would be happier, everyone would be happier. It’s just in everyone’s best interest.”

As we learned in the Project CARS delay announcement, some unspecified DLC will be given away for free to all players as compensation.

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