Puzzle Game Bloxiq Launches Next Week on PS Vita in North America

Developed by Blot Software, Bloxiq is an indie puzzle game set to launch for the PlayStation Vita on April 14 in North America for $9.99. There was no word on a release in Europe.

Wanting to create a new type of puzzle game that’s easy to learn and difficult to master, Creative Director Justin Kwok says the 100 levels in Bloxiq feature at least one proper solution, instead of relying on luck to be able to progress like in match-3 games.

Kwok adds:

Bloxiq starts with the standard concept of color matching and brings it into the third dimension. Manipulate rows or columns of blocks by sliding them around a 3D level to connect four in any direction. Sounds simple, right? One of the best feelings is when you figure out how to match blocks in intricate ways that challenge your spatial thinking.

[…] The levels can be solved through critical thinking instead of mashing buttons, hoping that you get the right level configuration. And you will need all your wits about you to conquer the Locked Cubes, Move Cubes, Bombs, MultiCubes and more!

Bloxiq includes a combination of button and touch controls, and one of the team’s goals was to “try to create a game with touch controls that don’t suck.”

[Source: PS Blog]