Dungeon RPG Death Under the Labyrinth Comes to Vita

Hyperdimension Neptunia and Omega Quintet developer Compile Heart is hard at work on a Vita-exclusive RPG called Death Under the Labyrinth.

The story puts players into a world where Earth’s rotation has stopped (yet still somehow maintained gravity?). Point is, it’s dark now. Scientifically speaking, that should just mean half the world is dark and the other half is light, but Compile Heart doesn’t seem to mention this anywhere. We seem to be overlooking a lot of things for plot convenience, but, here we are.

Players will assemble their party and head to four towers, each of which protected by gods. You know what comes next: a chess match to deci–nah, I’m kidding. You totally fight them.

Available in standalone and special edition forms, the game will likely be released this summer in Japan, though a specific date hasn’t been announced. Localizations for outside territories haven’t been confirmed at this time. You can check out its official Japanese website right here.