Nathan Drake Voice Actor Nolan North Talks Uncharted and His First Experience With Games

Sony recently held a community event in which some lucky fans got a chance to meet Nathan Drake voice actor Nolan North. In a 25-minute session, North answered a bunch of questions, revealing how he first got into voice acting in video games, and his role in Uncharted

The session was recorded in a video posted on YouTube, which unfortunately has been made private. But GamesRadar managed to grab the important bits for us. 

Talking about his first experience with video games, North said that his fellow actors didn’t really hold a positive opinion about video game roles, and that they lacked support from the Actor’s Union.

My first game was with Sony. It was called NBA The Life. If you remember the film Jerry Maguire? I played kind of a sports agent. So many actors at the time said you don’t want to do video games. The Actor’s Union didn’t cover it. You wanted to do cartoons, you wanted to do animation because it had residual income. They thought I was crazy to drive to San Diego and put on this ridiculous suit and run around for not much money. But, talking to the guys who created it, they kept saying ‘this is going to be big’, so I tried to do as much as I could. So by the time it evolved and Uncharted came along, and the agencies started getting flooded with enquiries like ‘do you have any clients with experience of motion capture?’… That’s how I got my meeting and years of ‘Oh crap’ started from there on.

North went on to discuss how he felt about getting a role in Uncharted.

I’d love to tell you it was ‘Yes! Here it is, it’s a break!”. I had no idea it was a game, that’s the truth. The first audition was like ‘this is kind of cool. Going to do a bit of motion capture, I’ve done that before’. That game obviously wasn’t a huge hit, didn’t really think much about it but there was a sense about it that this was going to be something different because the evolution of the game from the first time we did it to the end was remarkable.

North’s notable works include Assassin’s Creed, Batman: Arkham series and Call of Duty among others. 

Which one of his roles do you like the most?

[Source: GamesRadar]