Draisey Game Studio Announces Debut PS4 Game “Rabbit Run”

Budding game developer, Draisey Game Studio, has announced its debut game Rabbit Run, the Kickstarter campaign for which is now live

The platformer, which is headed to the PlayStation 4, tells the story of Girl Rabbit whose boyfriend, Boy Rabbit, has been captured to be sold by Pets 4 Us. Players will assume the role of Girl Rabbit, and will be tasked with rescuing Boy Rabbit in this unique adventure that also includes fun racing mechanics à la Mario Kart. The developer wrote:

Rabbit Run is a roller coaster of a game, rewarding lightning quick reflexes and plays like a mix of Sonic Adventure and Mario Kart. While a platformer at heart, its true fun comes from its racing mechanics. The environments have tracks and borders indicated by dirt in the center, small pebbles and grass acting as bumpers on the edges of the track while thick bushes and large rocks acting as the barriers.

Players will be able to jump over, dive under, and dodge oncoming obstacles, but in order to do so effectively, they’ll have to master the game’s platforming and racing mechanics.  

Rabbit Run’s Kickstarter campaign will run for 30 days, with a funding goal of $1.6 million. The game will be available for digital download via the PlayStation Network, and has an estimated release window of December 2016. 

Those of you whom have been visiting PlayStation LifeStyle for many years might recognize the name “Draisey”. That’s because a Mr. John Draisey, founder of Draisey Game Studio, was once our Managing Editor here at PlayStation LifeStyle. He’s remained a friend of the site for many years, and we’re proud to endorse Rabbit Run.

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