Bloodborne Update 1.03 Out Later This Month, Reduces Load Times & Fixes Easy Difficulty Bug

Shortly after announcing that the game had sold more than 1 million copies in less than two weeks, Sony confirmed that Bloodborne update 1.03 is set to arrive globally later this month, complete with some welcome fixes.

First up, update 1.03 “seeks to reduce certain load times,” while also including other performance optimizations. The reduced load times has been promised since launch, with players forced to wait upwards of 45 seconds between respawns.

Next, “the patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play.” This is the bug where people discovered that playing the game for around 12+ hours changed the difficulty to make Bloodborne much easier.

Finally, “additional fixes will be included as well.”

Sony also announced a change to when the Bloodborne servers will be down for maintenance:

Please note: online play will need to be disabled for a short period of time to facilitate server-side updates. In this case, and in the case of any future server maintenance downtime, it has been determined that starting at 1am PT/9am GMT on a non-Friday weeknight will disrupt the fewest players. We will target this time for any necessary future server maintenance downtime, which will only last a couple hours in each instance.

If you’re having trouble accessing online features, Sony suggests checking your NAT type and ensuring proper ports on your network are open. You can check this by going to Settings –> Network –> View Connection Status –> NAT Type. If it’s Type 3, some functionality may be restricted.

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]