Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations Coming to PS4 & PS3 in Fall 2015

Described as a “fully 3D action-oriented twist on the classic story-driven graphic adventure game,” developer Vicious Cycle and publisher Little Orbit have announced that Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations is coming to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox One, Wii U, 3DS, and PC in Fall 2015.

Based on the Cartoon Network series, Finn and Jake Investigations sees Finn and Jake carrying on the profession of Finn’s foster parents, who were Professional Investigators. Faced with disappearances and strange events, you’ll need to interrogate characters, deal damage in combat, solve puzzles, and explore new and familiar locations over the Land of Ooo, including the Candy and Fire Kingdoms, Wizard City, and Castle Lemongrab.

Set around the sixth season of the show, Finn and Jake Investigations plays out as a series of separate but related adventures.

Little Orbit CEO Matt Scott talked about their approach with the new game:

We received a lot of fan feedback asking us to bring our next Adventure Time game to next generation consoles in 3D, and we’re thrilled to be delivering that and a lot more. This new game is a complete departure from previous Adventure Time games. We have created an intriguing classic adventure game set in a richly-detailed 3D Land of Ooo where players can check out Land of Ooo locales, talk to characters, sharpen their creative puzzle-solving skills, defeat bad guys and just have fun.

Expect to learn more about Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations in the coming weeks and months.

[Source: PS Blog]