sackboy a big adventure cross-play

Sackboy: A Big Adventure Will Support Cross-Play for PS4 and PS5

With PlayStation 5 right around the corner, so, too, is its launch lineup. Of course, Sumo Digital’s Sackboy: A Big Adventure counts among the bunch. And, finally, more details are surfacing about the lovable character’s next outing. One important thing to note is that players who aren’t jumping to PS5 just yet will not feel left behind. Friends on the current and next-gen consoles will still be able to join each other for the adventure.

In an interview with Game Informer, Sumo Digital’s Design Director Ned Waterhouse confirmed Sackboy’s cross-play functionality. He told the publication, “We support PS4/PS5 cross-play, so if your friends aren’t upgrading you can still play together.”

The desire to give both PS4 and PS5 players a great experience doesn’t end and begin there, though. According to Waterhouse, the title is “great on both platforms.” First and foremost, Sumo Digital worked towards making the “best platformer” possible. “I don’t think players are going to be disappointed if they buy the PS4 version,” he continued. Waterhouse then went on to explain some of the key differences between the game’s PS4 and PS5 versions. Loading times, 3D audio, and the benefits of DualSense are among the most notable differences.

Waterhouse added,

On PS5, you’re going to get that extra visual fidelity. You are going to get the benefits of the SSD, that loading in and out of levels takes just a few seconds and you’re in the game and out again – it’s great. Obviously, the additional sense of immersion that you get from both the DualSense but also the 3D audio. It’s a great experience on PS4, but we’ve enhanced that experience with the increased power and feature set of the PS5.

All in all, it appears LittleBigPlanet’s hero is in good hands. That shouldn’t comes as too much of a surprise, however, given Sumo Digital’s work on LittleBigPlanet 3. Fortunately, the wait for the team’s next exploration of the franchise is nearly upon us.

Sackboy: A Big Adventure launches on the PS4 and PS5 next month on November 12th.

[Source: GameInformer via Push Square]