Dark Souls 2 Update Set to Come in the Coming Weeks, Full Notes Listed

Tired of Bloodborne and back in the world of Dark Souls 2? You’ll be glad to know that both the last-gen and now-gen versions will be getting a patch “in the coming weeks” according to Namco.

The full Dark Souls 2 update list can be read below, which should “address a few gameplay enhancements.”

On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam (DirectX 9), Steam (DirectX 11):

Fixed issue whereby weapon durability was decreased drastically when used on enemy corpses, friendly characters, etc. (Especially apparent for users running the game at 60 fps as the durability decrease rate was linked to the frame rate).

Fixed issue whereby actions requiring both button and stick controller input (Jump Attack, Guard Break).

On Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Steam (DirectX 11):

Fixed issue whereby summoning sign was displayed in Drangleic Castle and Throne of Want even though the player had defeated all bosses in the area.

Fixed issue whereby the moment of death reply for some blood stains weren’t being displayed online.

Fixed issue whereby client side may hang during the event movie for Laddersmith Gilligan in Earthen Peak.

Fixed issue whereby the Host may not be able to load their save data after stopping the game while waiting for matching to complete in online mode.

According to Namco Bandai, they’ll reveal the exact date and time that the changes will occur.

Are you good with the upcoming changes? What else should From Software tweak in Dark Souls 2?

[Source: Namco Bandai]