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Head Transplant Doctor Considering Suing Kojima and Konami for Using Likeness

A lot of crazy theories have been put onto the internet involving Dr. Sergio Canavero and the upcoming game Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Ever since Canavero announced that he will be attempting to do a full body transplant in the near future, various gamers around the internet took notice of him and found that he bears some heavy resemblances to a doctor in MGS 5.

Not only did users from various forums such as NeoGAF find that the two look strikingly similar, but they found numerous other ways to link Canavero to the MGS 5 game, which you can see here on a particular NeoGAF thread. Some people even are going so far as to say the head transplant and Canavero himself are simply forms of marketing the game, and Canavero is a hired actor instead of a real doctor. Not surprisingly, Canavero is less than thrilled with all of the hubbub.

Dr. Sergio Canavero and MGS 5

In an interview with Kotaku, the Italian doctor said he had never heard of either Hideo Kojima or Konami before all of this, and has no connection to them whatsoever. He mentioned that he believes they stole his likeness, and is considering suing them.,

I went to the Polizia Postale [the authority in charge of this kind of thing here in Italy] and filed a complaint towards Mr. Kojima. There is also a Twitter account that is not mine, so I reported this to the Police too, they will now investigate both the matters. In the meantime my lawyer is sending a letter to the Japanese company [Konami] to ask for compensation [for using my image without permission].

He went on to say that despite having been a doctor for quite some time and speaking at numerous conferences, he never had this much popularity until now, and it is thanks to a video game he had never heard of before this.

It’s just surprising that despite having been around the world, speaking at more than 300 medical conferences about what could be the biggest medical achievement in history, I feel like now I’m at the peak of my popularity thanks to a video game…a video game I wasn’t even involved in to begin with.

Hopefully Dr. Sergio Canavero’s interview will lay to rest some of the ridiculous claims tying him to Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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