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10 Games That Still Need PSVR Support

PSVR is a promising platform with a ton of excellent games and experiences. Just look at the likes of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Moss, and Blood and Truth. Recently, developer Hello Games added full VR integration No Man’s Sky with its Beyond update, similar to the VR integration of Resident Evil 7, and WipEout Omega CollectionWith that in mind, it got us thinking about other games that need still need PSVR support.

Here are 10 games that would benefit from the PSVR treatment:

1. Minecraft

It’s kind of baffling that Minecraft doesn’t have a PSVR mode yet. After all, it’s already available for Oculus on PC, so you’d think the transition to PSVR wouldn’t be too tough to implement. Although, with Minecraft being a Microsoft-owned property, the chances of Mojang bringing VR support to the game on PlayStation seem slim. Still, how cool would it be to explore the nearly endless world of Minecraft in PSVR? We’ve got our fingers crossed we’ll see it one day.

2. The Witness

The world of The Witness is astounding. Not just in its beautiful color palette, but in the way it sinks its hooks into you to make you feel like you’re really there. With the addition of a PSVR mode, this would be taken a step further. There could also be some really neat puzzles added with the implementation of virtual reality, too. PSVR integration doesn’t seem likely now, but one can dream, right?

3. MLB: The Show

Since MLB: The Show is one of Sony’s flagship sports games, it would absolutely make sense to see some sort of PSVR addition, either as a standalone game or mode within an official release. It wouldn’t have to be full first-person implementation of the whole game, but maybe some sort of batting practice mode, or something less fully-realized would be a good place to start.

4. NHL

Much like MLB: The Show, NHL could work quite well in PSVR. Perhaps a first-person goalie mode could work, a series of mini-games, or something similar. There’s no denying the importance of sports games to a platform and while PSVR does cover some games in this genre, NHL hockey is one that is absent.

5. Observation

No Man’s Sky covers space exploration in VR, but what about space station exploration? That’s where Observation could come in. With its intuitive controls, its immersive first-person perspective, and its stunning visuals, Observation would be a great addition to the PSVR family. Although, if that ever did happen, you might want to have a barf bag nearby because flipping around in zero gravity could be troublesome. (Editor’s Note: Though StarBlood Arena handled complete and rapid sixaxis movement with grace and ease, so it’s certainly possible to do it right.)

6. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

On the surface, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is a seemingly normal military action game, but the more you play, the more you’ll discover little details that make it weird and special. The thought of experiencing these little details in PSVR is something that seems almost like a fever dream, but its implementation makes perfect sense. Hiding inside a cardboard box, in first-person VR is one of the most Kojima things I can think of and it needs to happen.

7. Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled

If Mario Kart can have a VR version, why can’t Crash Team Racing? Sure, it may be one of the most vomit-inducing things one could imagine (though WipEout handles VR at speed very well), but for those with a tougher stomach, racing through the levels of Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled in PSVR makes perfect sense. It might take a lot of development resources to properly add, but based on how well it sold, Activision could totally make it a (virtual) reality.

8. Gone Home

Ah, one of the quintessential adventure games of the past generation. Gone Home would work great in PSVR due to its stylized visual style and short length. PSVR is often best experienced in short bursts, and since you can finish the story in less than an hour (technically under a minute, if you know exactly where to go), it would make a great addition to the family. And the game’s story is one of the highest regarded in the past decade, so having it in PSVR would make perfect sense.

9. Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 took us by surprise with its implementation of a seamless first-person mode. But what if Rockstar took that a step further and added PSVR support to make it even more immersive? The developer isn’t known for adding virtual reality to its games, but now would be a great time to start. Come on Rockstar, do your thing.

10. What Remains of Edith Finch

Much like Gone Home and other adventure games, What Remains of Edith Finch has a rich story that can be completed in very little time. This game also has a unique visual style that could translate to PSVR nicely, as well as a compact three-hour length. And what better way to be immersed in this beautifully tragic world than from inside a PSVR headset?

Which ones did we miss? Any games you’d like to see integrated to PSVR? Let us know!