Gone Home PS4 and Xbox One Release Date Set for January 12, 2016

Said to no longer be in development earlier this year, Gone Home from developer The Fullbright Company is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 12, 2016 in North America and Europe.

Fullbright Co-Founder Steve Gaynor talked a bit about Gone Home on consoles, saying they left the original PC experience intact:

More than anything, we’re incredibly grateful for the passionate audience of fans that have fallen in love with Gone Home since its release. The ways that Gone Home has connected with so many people on a personal, emotional level just means the world to us. And so our goal with bringing the game to consoles wasn’t to alter or add extraneous stuff onto an experience that already holds a special place in so many players’ hearts—instead, it’s been our mission to translate the original PC version as perfectly as we can, tailoring the game to feel native to new platforms. We’re going the extra mile to make this the very best Gone Home experience you could hope for—and we’re so excited for the PlayStation audience to discover the game’s mysteries anew as they explore the House on Arbor Hill.

You’ll also find 90 minutes of behind-the-scenes commentary from the developers, voice actors, and musicians.

As for what you can expect from Gone Home, Gaynor said, “[It’s] an award-winning, story-focused indie title that made a splash a while back on PC. It’s a game where you explore story, interactively—it’s the very human story of one family and what they’ve left behind.”

[Source: PS Blog, Fullbright]