Subaeria release date

Subaeria Release Date Just Announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Indie developer Studios Illogika has just announced that their long-awaited game, Subaeria, is due for release on April 24, 2018.

Subaeria is described as an “intense action puzzler” where the player’s goal is to manipulate enemies into destroying one another. Strategically leverage the environment and your surroundings to drive robotic enemies to shoot and otherwise harm each other out of existence.

Subaeria release date announcement trailer:

Despite the game’s seemingly simple premise, it’s backed by a surprisingly dark story that only intensifies as the game progresses. Players take on the role of Styx, a girl whose family is murdered by the Subaeria overlord. She is now left devastated, full of questions, and unfortunately for her enemies, blinded by unstoppable rage.

Styx’ survival instincts seamlessly allow her to pit these technological killing machines against one another. She slowly discovers the many mysteries surrounding the underwater city of Subaeria and the reason behind the grisly murders.

In addition to Styx, the game allows you to take full control of her handy drone to manipulate objects and surroundings more efficiently. You’ll be able to gradually unlock new skills and upgrade your drone to help resolve tougher, increasingly challenging puzzles.

Subaeria heavily encourages players to think strategically as every single room is a new, unique puzzle. Allocating resources properly is also a necessity in order to survive and uncover the mysteries surrounding the underwater city.

Initially released on Steam as an Early Access title, Subaeria has gone through multiple changes and improvements since its debut in 2015. These range from numerous bug fixes, smoother gameplay, new story missions, and a more immersive story. The game has also been translated into French, with Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese coming in the near future.

Ready to submerge yourself in the city of Subaeria? Be sure to grab a copy when it releases this April 24 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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