Puzzle Game Sketchcross Comes to PS Vita Next Week in North America

A “Nonogram logic picture puzzle game,” Sketchcross from Spiky Fish Games is released for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV on April 28 in North America (no word on Europe). A price wasn’t announced, but PlayStation Plus members will receive a launch week discount.

As CEO Kendal Cormany explains, “In Sketchcross, the puzzles form a picture which can aid you in the quest to solve the puzzle. The numbers on the rows/columns are groups. The value of those numbers represents the connecting blocks of the group. Each group must be separated by at least one blank space. When you correctly solve the puzzle, you are rewarded with the reveal of your picture.”

Launching with 50 puzzles, they will range from small (5 by 5) to large (30 by 30), while three difficulty settings offer up casual play and beat-the-clock play. The randomly generated Frenzy mode, meanwhile, gives you 30 seconds to solve a 5 by 5 puzzle.

For their post-launch plans, the developer will be releasing 20 free DLC puzzles in June, with more free packs expected in the months following.

Are you thinking of buying Sketchcross next week?

[Source: PS Blog, Sketchcross]