Bloodborne’s Mysterious “Closed” Door Used to Be a Shortcut

You know that mysterious door at the bottom of the Cathedral Ward in Bloodborne that isn’t “locked,” or stuck or anything, but is simply just “closed?” Well, we finally have an answer to why it is, even though it is only “closed,” it just won’t seem to open.

According to Eurogamer, who talked with someone close to the game, the door used to be a shortcut leading the end of the Great Bridge. The shortcut could be used in the pre-release build, the anonymous source said, and it did not appear to cause any game breaking issues. It is unknown why the shortcut was taken out of the final build of the game, but fans seem to assume it may either be to protect the game’s lore or to simply troll its players.

What do you think about the mysterious door? Why do you think Bloodborne players can no longer use the shortcut?

[Source: Eurogamer]