Sony Bringing in a Lot of PlayStation Store Ads

With more and more people buying games digitally rather than physically, the PlayStation Store has become more and more accessible for users. People can now easily see sales, pre-order up and coming games, and categorize DLC and games for easy viewing and purchasing on either their console or the PSN web store. It makes things easier for the consumer, and makes things highly profitable for Sony.

According to a new report by Electronic Entertainment Design and Research (EEDAR), Sony has been bringing in a lot of advertisements on its PlayStation Network Stores, far more than the Xbox online stores have been bringing in. During the holiday months last year (October, November, and December), the PS4 and the PS3 accounted for a combined 66 percent of promotion shares, leaving the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 with a combined 33 percent. 

Sony PSN Store Ads

The EEDAR has found that the number and quality of ads have grown year-by-year, assumedly bringing in more and more money for Sony. Have you noticed an increase in advertisements on the online stores at all?

[Source: EEDAR via Games Industry]