Hellblade Dev Diary Video Shows How Human Motion and Facial Features are Put into Hellblade

Ever wonder how characters games are able to accurately convey human facial expressions and movements? Well, wonder no more, as a new Developer Diary video released by Ninja Theory goes over how they are “capturing performance” for their upcoming PlayStation 4 game Hellblade.

In the video, the developers show off a number of different pieces of technology that capture both bodily movements and facial movements. They show footage of actors working on both Hellblade and their 2007 title Heavenly Sword. The amount of detail that some of these machines are able to capture is simply astounding, and it really can give viewers a clue as to how games for consoles like the PS4 are able to look so darn good.

What do you think of the video? Did you know that there were so many different tools to capture movement?

[Source: Sony PlayStation (YouTube)]