eBay Users Looking for Crazy Amounts of Money for PS4 Consoles with P.T. Installed

P.T., the playable demo of the now cancelled game Silent Hills, is leaving the PlayStation Store today, and it looks like some people are trying to take advantage of that.

Currently on eBay there are several PS4 consoles listed as having P.T. installed on them, and the sellers of these consoles are looking for ridiculous amounts of money. One has a “Buy It Now” price of $1,400, with an asking starting bid of $1,000. Another is looking for $1,762.09 or “Best Offer.” And still another one is simply asking for a starting bid of $800. Amazingly, these are not the only consoles with P.T. pre-installed that the seller is asking for a huge amount of money for.

As of right now, no one has bid on these outrageously priced PS4 systems, although there are some people “Watching” a few of them. Do you think any of these will actually sell?

[Source: eBay via Polygon]