Ubisoft Releases Free Child of Light Storybook, Follows Robert’s Son Reginald

Back in April, Child of Light Director Patrick Plourde announced that there were some “cool projects” under progress that are set within the Child of Light universe. If you haven’t heard already, it seems the first of them is a free storybook, which is available to download here in PDF format

The release marks the game’s one year anniversary, and it “follows the enchanting tale of Robert’s son, Reginald.” 

Reginald sets out on an adventure to find his purpose in life, and along the way encounters Roberta in a dark, forbidding dungeon. Follow along to find out what awaits Reginald and Roberta in this short yet captivating story that further explores the fairytale world of Child of Light.

With this out of the way, we wonder what’s next for the Child of Light universe. A sequel, anyone?