Child of Light II Possibly Leaked by Creative Director on Twitter

Child of Light was a beloved hand-painted RPG by Ubisoft Montreal, and fans have been clamoring to return to that world since its release back in April 2014. One year later, Creative Director Patrick Plourde tweeted out that there were some “very cool projects in process set in the Child of Light universe.” Fans were told that the game was successful enough to fund a sequel. We kept waiting and waiting, and finally, more than three years later, Plourde replied to that original tweet with an update.

Was that it? After three and a half years, the special project in the Child of Light universe was just a Switch port of the game? It’s exciting that more players will get the opportunity to play Child of Light, but after four years of waiting, there’s nothing new for fans that want more. Or is there?

Divert your focus from how beautiful Child of Light looks on the Switch and you’ll notice an interesting set of papers on the table just beyond. One of those papers clearly says Child of Light II. Is this all the confirmation we need that Ubisoft Montreal hasn’t just been toiling away at a Switch port for four years? Nothing’s announced officially yet, but with the secrecy and NDAs in place for developers, it’s hard to imagine that this little leak was an accident. Those papers seem very tactfully placed. While the development team gets players hyped for the Switch release of Child of Light, fans can also begin getting excited for more adventures in that hand-painted world.

Do you think Ubisoft Montreal will announce Child of Light II soon? Are you excited to step back into this watercolor painting turned video game? Let us know what you think of the leak in the comments below.