Ubisoft Annecy Joins The Division Development, Their Involvement is Being “Kept Secret for Now”

Hopefully pointing to more news arriving around E3 2015 next month, Ubisoft revealed two pieces of information regarding The Division this week: a dev diary about the music and a new developer joining production.

For the behind-the-scenes video, you get to learn more about the music in the game, including how composer Ola Strandh is motivated by the world in The Division.

Over on the Ubi Blog, it’s been confirmed that Ubisoft Annecy has joined Red Storm and Reflections as partners on The Division, which is being led by Massive Entertainment. Using multiple developers on one game is something Ubisoft typically does, but in the case of The Division, they said, “While the exact details of Annecy’s involvement with The Division are being kept secret for now, we’ll have more to reveal soon.”

Ubisoft Annecy’s work over the last 19 years includes multiple Splinter Cell games, the Villa in Assassin’s Creed II, the Café Théâtre in Assassin’s Creed Unity, and more.

Massive Entertainment Managing Director David Polfeldt talked about adding another developer to The Division:

We are very happy that Ubisoft Annecy is part of The Division’s family. They are highly experienced and talented developers, adding much value to the project. Being able to work with other studios offers fantastic creative opportunities during development and, in the end, strongly benefits the overall quality of the game.

Ubisoft Annecy Studio Manager Rebecka Coutaz discussed how their previous multiplayer experience will help with this online-only game:

The team in Annecy is delighted to be collaborating with Massive, Red Storm and Reflections on Tom Clancy’s The Division. We are bringing our previous experience in multiplayer online games and this project is allowing us to build our technical knowledge in other areas and become experts on this incredible brand. The collaboration with the other studios is going very smoothly, and we’re working together to ensure we meet and exceed the high expectations players have for this new title.

While very little has been heard about The Division lately, Ubisoft’s blog says the game is coming out in 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

Do you think we’ll see The Division in 2015?

[Source: Ubisoft]