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Payday Studio Starbreeze Moves Into Publishing, First Game Will be a Co-Op Shooter

Sweden-based developer, Starbreeze Studios AB, has announced its entry into the world of publishing by signing an agreement with Croatian studio, Lion Game Lion. Starbreeze will be publishing the company’s upcoming four-player co-op shooter, RAID: World War II

Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint said:

Lion Game Lion has already shown they know how to make awesome gameplay with passion. Now it’s time for the lions to take a bigger bite. With RAID it’s war! We think the world is ready for an amazing co-op game set during an era of heroes and villains, horror and bravery.

COO of Starbreeze Studios, Mikael Nermark, also spoke positively of Lion Game Lion’s collaboration with the company on Payday 2, and praised it for delivering a great gameplay experience and gaining players’ trust. 

Speaking about RAID, Nikica Petrusic of Lion Game Lion said:

With RAID: World War II, we’re taking everything we’ve learned to create an experience to die for in a World War II setting.

Starbreeze said that it hopes to become “a catalyst for the developer’s success.”

RAID is still in its early stages of development so all we know so far is that the game “lets players team up as the Raid crew and venture through the epic events of World War II.”

Platforms and release dates have not yet been decided. 

[Source: Starbreeze]