Breach & Clear Launches Tomorrow on PS Vita in North America

Recently reviewed by us, Breach & Clear from Gun Media and developer Mighty Rabbit is launching tomorrow in North America for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV at $14.99, with a 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members. Gun Media’s Ben Strauss added that a European release date will be announced soon, with text size and other issues needing to be worked out first.

Fully playable without touch screen input if that’s what you’d prefer, Breach & Clear is a hybrid tactical strategy title that’s garnered 1.3 million users across multiple platforms. Allowing you to control a variety of special operations teams from around the world, you fight enemies in Russia, Mexico, Germany, and other locations.

Here’s a quick look at what you’ll find in Breach & Clear:

  • Seven locations with five missions each and five difficulty settings to challenge you at every turn
  • Three unique game modes: Terrorist Hunt, Bomb Defusal and Escape Plan
  • Seven special operations teams from around the world with six different classes, all with their own perks and abilities
  • 24 weapons with 26 attachments to give you the edge
  • 56 clothing and armor customization options to make each operator your own
  • Four game-altering consumables to give you an edge against increasingly tough enemies

In the comments of our review, Mighty Rabbit Studios talked about why Breach & Clear is priced at $14.99:

The $14.99 price is the same price as our Steam version (which the Vita version is a port of). The mobile version of Breach & Clear has micro-transactions and tons of paid content packs (two teams, two map packs, four headgear/facegear packs) – the Vita version has no micro-transactions and all paid content from mobile unlocked. If a player was to buy all the extra content on mobile it would cost well over $20 when you factor in the game’s initial $3.99 price. There’s no platform tax here. It’s the price of stripping away the micro-transaction BS and unlocking everything upfront at one price. I hope I wasn’t wrong in assuming people would prefer that over having micro-transactions. I hate them and assumed others would too. 🙂

Will you be checking out Breach & Clear?

[Source: PS Blog]