Volume PS4, PS Vita Release Date Announcement at E3 2015, New Video Shows Off Level Editor

Alongside a new video all about the level editor, developer Mike Bithell revealed that a release date for his PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita stealth puzzle game, Volume, will be announced at E3 2015 next month. For now, it has a release window of late Summer 2015.

Featuring work-in-progress beta footage, Bithell walks you through the level editor in the video, which allows you to build and share levels using every gadget, environmental trap, wall design, and color palette found in the game.

Making the process of creating a level and uploading it to their server simple, you’ll be able to see top-rated maps in the online community list. You can then select a specific level and start playing, or create a customizable playlist made from a mix of player-created and campaign levels.

Bithell adds:

Although we spent a lot of time making the game’s levels, players can actually go through the entire campaign using their own – or other people’s – creations. Want to hear the story in Volume again but use different maps? Done! Andy Serkis is very good as the game’s villain, so why not listen to him again while playing Volume using the best maps the community have managed to make!

He also answered some questions on the PS Blog, which we’ve placed below:

  • They aren’t sure about a demo yet.
  • They’re looking into using touch controls on Vita for the level editor, but “my guess is no (because of scale).”
  • You can put text in the levels as well, “as long as the text is.. ahem.. appropriate.. I’m hoping folks tell cool stories.”
  • There aren’t any plans for Volume to launch as a PlayStation Plus free game.
  • “Cool things coming at E3!”

Are you excited for Volume?

[Source: NA PS Blog, EU PS Blog]