Helldivers Update Today Increases Rank Cap, Adds New Environment & Enemies

To go along with some paid DLC packs today, Arrowhead Game Studios released a free Helldivers update on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, giving players an increased rank cap, more Trophies to unlock, and additional content.

Here’s the full list of features with today’s update:

  • Increased rank cap from 25 to 27.
  • 6 new trophies.
  • New Environment – Volcanic planets, full of dangers.
  • New Bug Type – The Bug Impaler
  • New Cyborg Enemy – The Cyborg Hound
  • New Illuminate Enemy – The Illuminate Obelisk
  • Three New Objective Types – Repair and Fire Artillery, Disarm Unexploded Ordnance, and Geological Survey.
  • New Customization Outfit – The Volcanic Camouflage set.
  • New Perk: Strong Arm, allowing you to throw further.

As for the new DLC, there are four Reinforcement packs priced at $2.99 each, while the Demolitionist, Hazard Ops, and Pilot packs are available together in the Reinforcements Pack 2 for $5.99.

Here’s some details on the paid DLC:

  • Specialist Pack – The Specialist Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape), LAS-12 ‘Tanto’ laser SMG, Close Air Support
  • Demolitionist Pack – The Demolitionist Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape), MG-105 ‘Stalwart’ LMG, REC-6 ‘Demolisher’ remote Explosive Charge
  • Hazard Ops Pack – The Hazard Ops Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape), AR-14D ‘Paragon’ semi-automatic rifle, TOX-13 ‘Avenger’ liquid projection weapon
  • Pilot Pack – The Pilot Uniform (Helmet, Armor, and Cape), AC-5 Arc Shotgun, EXO-48 ‘Obsidian’ exosuit with two double autocannons

Finally, the developers shared some interesting statistics about what players have done in Helldivers so far:

  • 10.9 billion Shots fired by the HELLDIVERS (Avg. Accuracy 55%)
  • 1.2 billion Enemies of SUPER-EARTH neutralized (killed)
  • 5.2 million Successful Missions
  • 1.6 million Planets liberated
  • 26 million HELLDIVER Deaths
  • 2 million Trophies awarded
  • 90k HELLDIVERS have earned the Cape Spinning DANCING QUEEN trophy

Will you be loading up Helldivers today and checking out the new content?

[Source: Arrowhead Game Studios, Helldivers (Twitter)]