Evolve Update 2.0.8 Rolling Out, Tweaks and Balance Fixes Included

Turtle Rock has once again rolled out a new Evolve update, which makes it the second this month. Patch 2.0.8 for consoles contains a number of tweaks and balances,.which you can see below.




o Fixed the Quick Reload Perk and Elite Wildlife Buff to reduce the time to reload rather than increase it 🙁

o Jetpack fuel is no longer used when airborne and moving a direction but not thrusting (previously used 1.5% per second.) This fixes Hunter burning jetpack fuel while in a knockdown state.

o Jetpack fuel recharges at 7% per second (was 7.5% oer second.) Essentially takes ~1 second longer to fully recharge from empty to compensate so that Hunters cover the same amount of distance in the same amount time.


o Arc Mines damage increase to 550 from 500


o Mortar Cannon reload time increased from 4.5 seconds to 6 seconds


o Heal Burst recharge time reduced to 20 seconds from 22

o Tranquilizer duration reduced to 8 seconds to 10 seconds


o Leech Gun accuracy is no dynamic like Abe’s shotgun. Works at long range if you slow your fire rate.

o Heal Burst effectiveness on incapped players increased to 302 health from 275

o Heal Burst effectiveness on alive players increased to 220 health from 200

o Heal Burst effectiveness on himself increased to 192 health from 175



o Reduced health at Stage 2 and 3

— Stage 2 Health now 11500 was 12000

— Stage 3 Health now 16000 was 17000


o Reduced the movement speed reduction when Harpooned while in a roll to 25%. Was 50%.

o Stamina use during the roll has been reduced to 6% per second from 6.5% per second

o Initial Stamina user when activating the roll has been reduced to 10% from 15%


o Reduced Warp Blast’s Radius

—Level 1 is now 6 meters from 6.5

— Level 2 is 7.8 meters from 8.5

— Level 3 is 10 meters from 11



o Monster Climb Speed increased to 75% from 50%



o Max Glide Speed while Tranqed or in Stasis reduced to 8 from 9

o Gravity while Tranqed increased to 7 from 6

o Gravity while in Stasis increased to 8 from 7

o The speed in which Kraken is pulled towards Griffin while Harpooned has been increased to 12 from 10

o The speed in which Kraken is pulled towards Harpoon traps has been increased to 1.5 from 1. (This stacks so four traps would pull Kraken towards them at a rate of 6)

Are you happy with the changes Turtle Rock has done so far? What do you hope the studio will implement in the future?

[Source: Evolve]