Exclusive Envy – Gears of War

Following the leaked footage of Gears of War Remaster that popped online, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle thought it would be the perfect game to feature in our latest Exclusive Envy episode. 

Gears of War popularized cover-based shooters, and then some. Sure, one can argue that its story isn’t the best or tightest compared to other games, but when it comes to pure gameplay and fun, the series has it in spades. While a Gears of War PS4 version won’t be happening anytime soon, that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate why we want it on PlayStation platforms. Even if we are a PlayStation-centric site, that doesn’t mean we don’t play games on other platforms. On the contrary, we play — and appreciate — games on every platform. 

What PlayStation franchise is a good counterpart for Gears of War? Would you even want to see Gears of War appear on a PlayStation platform?

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In PlayStation LifeStyle’s Exclusive Envy video series, we take a look at great exclusives which live on other platforms and discuss why they turn us green with envy, and why we want them on PlayStation.

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