Exclusive Envy – ARMA 3

While the PlayStation platform is no stranger to shooter games, it hasn’t seen something as realistic as ARMA grace it just yet. With that in mind, we decided to pick Bohemia Interactive’s ARMA 3 as our new entry in our Exclusive Envy video series.

Will we see an ARMA 3 PS4 port anytime soon? Probably not, but we’ve seen stranger things happen. While we wait for this to become a reality, we take a look at why we’d want ARMA 3 on the PS4. We talk about the military sim’s huge open world, realism factor and lots more.

What game on other platform would you want to see get the Exclusive Envy treatment next? Have you played ARMA 3 and do you think it PlayStation gamers would embrace it?

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 In PlayStation LifeStyle’s Exclusive Envy video series, we take a look at great exclusives which live on other platforms and discuss why they turn us green with envy, and why we want them on PlayStation.

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