Pre-Order Project CARS DLC Can Be Purchased on PS Store in US

Since US PlayStation 4 owners were not able to digitally pre-order Project CARS on the PS Store, Slightly Mad Studios has said that the free “Modified Car Packs” DLC which came with pre-orders can be purchased on the store as a sort of apology.

Originally, the content was supposed to have been only available through pre-orders for a limited time, but Creative Director Andy Tudor commented on the Project CARS forum and explained that the content can be purchased right now for US players.

Just to clarify again and to address Gandriello’s post in particular…

The Modified Car Pack was a free pre-order bonus. Those that pre-ordered received it at no extra charge. Now that the game is available to purchase, that pre-order bonus is no longer available.

However, since US PSN players never got a chance to pre-order, the Modified Car Pack has been made available to them to purchase early, as it will be to players worldwide at a later date who may have also missed out on this pre-order offer.

However, Reddit user Iceman741 said that when he reached out to Slightly Mad Studios a week ago about not being able to pre-order the racing game, the company mentioned that the Modified Car Packs, as well as the Limited Edition Car Packs, would come with the digital version for free.

Once the game is available via the US Playstation Store, bear in mind that our digital versions come with both the Limited Edition and Modified Car Packs – so you’re not losing out on any preorder content.

What do you think about these DLC issues? Are you bummed that Project CARS couldn’t be pre-ordered digitally in the US?

[Source: Reddit via Project CARS Forum via Reddit]