Yakuza 0 PS4 Version Selling Out in Asia

Yakuza 0 is the first game in its series to be released in mainland Asia, and judging by some looks around stores, it’s a hit.

The Asian version of the game keeps the original audio, but includes Chinese subtitles. (Chinese characters presumably still speak Chinese, as they often did to each other in the Japanese version of the game.)

 Looking at Play-Asia, the PS4 version with Chinese subs is simply listed as “Sold Out. Out of Stock,” without any note about returning supply. The old link just redirects to the game’s main nav page, and only the PS3 version is still listed as readily available. Similarly, I had to really dig to find the game on Yes Asia, but this version wasn’t listed on the main page, perhaps because of that notice that it might take 30 days to ship it.

Other stores? It seems to have disappeared.


That’s obviously good and bad. Good because it’s always nice to see great games rewarded with plenty of sales, but not so good if you’re looking to play this game with Chinese subtitles.

I should also say that it’s no surprise that the game seems popular among the Chinese-speaking crowd. As a longtime huge Japanese gaming franchise, there have presumably been lots of gamers around mainland Asia with interest in this. As well, Yakuza 0 includes several Chinese characters — both good and bad guys — who are written quite well and not stereotyped in the least.

I’ll post an update if I find stores with the superior PS4 version in stock. You can help too by posting in the comments section below if you find anything.

Meanwhile, my full thoughts on the game are in this Yakuza 0 review.