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The Evil Within Update Prepares Game for The Executioner DLC

A new update for The Evil Within appeared the other day, and apparently its main purpose was to prepare the game for its final piece of DLC, which releases next week.

The DLC, which is called The Executioner, puts players in the shoes of The Keeper, a scary, chainsaw-wielding monster. Players get to play as the horrifying character in first-person, as the above teaser trailer illustrates.

RealGamerNewz noticed that The Evil Within update added a new Trophy list for the DLC, and the news site took the time to create a list of the Trophies, which can be seen below.

Bronze Trophies:

Nosy Parent – Collect all Daughter’s Diaries in The Executioner.

I Might Close Early – Purchase all time in Shop.

Krimson Chainsaw Massacre – Kill 10 basic Haunted with the chainsaw.

Trapper and Keeper – Kill 10 basic Haunted with environmental traps in The Executioner.

Got to Destroy the Brain – Use Executions on 20 basic Haunted.

Home Invasion – Clear the first and second floors of the manor house in The Executioner.

The Craftman’s Tools – Clear the basement of the manor house in The Executioner.

Silver Trophies:

Cruel and Unusual – Complete all Torments.

I’ve Got Box of Steel – Clear The Executioner without taking any damage.

Hidden Trophy Count: 1

Are you ready for the last piece of The Evil Within DLC? Be sure to download it when it releases next week on May 26.

[Source: The Evil Within (Twitter), RealGamerNewz]