Explore Space in 2D With Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space, Coming to PS4 This Fall

Made up of former DICE and Ghost Games team members, developer Cosmic Picnic announced that Amazing Discoveries in Outer Space (ADIOS) is coming to the PlayStation 4 in Fall 2015.

A “2D space exploration game with a rich simulation based on astrophysics” that people have said plays like a mix between Kerbal Space Program and Spelunky, but the developers think hits the sweet spot between a real space mission and Bubble Booble, here’s what you need to know about ADIOS:

An untimely navigation computer reboot leaves you in search of your home world with limited fuel reserves. So get creative and let gravity be your guide to saving fuel. Also, don’t be afraid to let your legs get some of that much needed workout as you search for clues to get you closer to home.

Game Features

  • Newtonian spaceflight combined with platformer style planet exploration.
  • Comprehensive physical simulation of entire solar systems including gravity, temperature and atmospheric air resistance.
  • Procedurally generated solar systems, each with a plethora of planets, asteroids, alien species and strange artifacts.
  • No weapons or killing (horrible accidents may occur)

They add on their website, “ADIOS could also be the world’s first 2D-space-simulator-platformer-rougelike-explore-em-up-hybrid-genre-did-we-mention-space-game (2DSSPREEUHGDWMSG). But it’s hard to know for sure in a multiverse.”

[Source: Adios Game]