Dying Light Update Today Fixes Issues Reported By the Community

Shortly after update 1.06 went live for Dying Light last week, developer Techland warned players of a Trophy/Achievement bug that may undo your progress in any active ones (any unlocked ones remained safe).

Based on feedback from the community, it appears Techland has figured out a fix, announcing today on Twitter that a new Dying Light update is going live on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:


Depending on your region a patch for Xbox One and PS4 is available/will be available shortly for you to download. This patch will fix most of the issues that you have been reporting to us.

Thank you for all the feedback that you have been sending through. It’s been instrumental for us. Please keep it coming.

If you notice the new update is live, please let everyone know in the comments below how big of a download it was for you and if the Trophy issues are fixed.

[Source: Techland (Twitter 1, 2, 3)]