Past Rock Band Instruments Will Work With Rock Band 4, Harmonix Confirms (Update)


Responding to community questions, Harmonix said their initial efforts are being focused on making sure the wireless instruments the majority of Rock Band players use work properly with Rock Band 4. For other instruments (ION drum kits, etc), they will look at those as they come.

While last-gen Guitar Hero instruments should work with Rock Band 4, Harmonix can’t confirm or guarantee their compatibility as they aren’t official Rock Band products.

You can expect more updates from Harmonix in the future, with the developer saying they hope to support as many last-gen instruments as possible.

Original Story:

Something they’ve been working towards since Rock Band 4 was announced, Harmonix confirmed to IGN today that all your previous Rock Band instruments from PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 will work with the new game:

  • For PS3 instruments to work on PS4, you’ll simply have to plug in the dongle.
  • For Xbox 360 instruments to work on Xbox One, you’ll need to buy a special “low-cost” adapter from Harmonix, with a price to be announced.

It wasn’t revealed whether or not old Guitar Hero instruments will work with Rock Band 4, but Harmonix was working on making them compatible as of April 2015.

Rock Band 4 is set for release this Fall on PS4 and Xbox One, and will be compatible with over 2,000 previous Rock Band songs.

How many Rock Band instruments do you currently own?

[Source: IGN]